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About us

Resultat-Audit company unites highly skilled specialists with more than 10 years professional experience. Both our auditors and our company as a whole are members of Moscow Audit Chamber.

Our firm renders services in financial audit to a wide range of private and state companies included pharmaceutical enterprises and major construction associations.

Our clients are:

Moscow regional notary chamber, Open Joint Stock Company Podolskaya Heat-and-Power Company, Geomostproject Co. Ltd, Municipal Unitary Enterprise Podolskaya power system, OS-Service Co. Ltd, Tekhdor Co. Ltd, Dorsnub Co. Ltd, Project construction company Geoprom Co. Ltd, Construction Holding Sapsan, Close Joint Stock Company Sapsan wind energy, Interregional construction company 77 Co. Ltd, Centerstroycomplex Co. Ltd, Open Joint Stock Company Rusautotrans, Khetch Pump Rus Co. Ltd, Gelios Holding Co. Ltd, Close Joint Stock Company Likom-M Corporation, Samson Pharma Co. Ltd, Close Joint Stock Company Avrora-2000, Close Joint Stock Company DLN Pharmacy, Close Joint Stock Company Pharmacy 31 Sushchevskaya, Close Joint Stock Company Pharmacy at Lesnaya, Open Joint Stock Company Pharmacy 58 Violet, Close Joint Stock Company NPKF Pharmimex, Akton Classic Co. Ltd, Orto Pharma N Co. Ltd, Open Joint Stock Company Parmacy on Berezovaya avenue, Open Joint Stock Company Parmacy 427 Medunitsa, Close Joint Stock Company Pharmacy Universitetskaya 152, Open Joint Stock Company Parmacy GOM 7, Pharmacon Med Co. Ltd, Open Joint Stock Company Parmacy 66, Groninghem Co. Ltd, Open Joint Stock Company Parmacy Vesta, Open Joint Stock Company Parmacy 420 Pharmakio, Open Joint Stock Company Parmacy 162 Phenix, Open Joint Stock Company Balzam 158, Open Joint Stock Company Parmacy At Novinsky.

Successful work in financial audit bases on quality system internal standards which are worked out by our specialists and proved by Moscow Audit Chamber. Our auditors conclusions are insured by a key insurance company Ingosstrakh and meet the requirements of international auditors reports. Special attention in audit is directed to not only inspection over accounting documentation correctness, but to elaboration of practical recommendations over financial, organizational and management solutions aimed to increase their work efficiency.

Resultat-Audit Co, Ltd successfully develops Technological audit and technology transfer direction necessary for enterprises to start structural and production modernization followed by new innovation technologies application. In this scope our specialists have long-term experience in research and development works implementation, as well as participation in state commission staff when works acceptance. Resultat-Audit Co, Ltd, as innovation center, is a member of Russian Technology Transfer Network (RTTN) which consolidates the majority of CIS innovation centers into integrated information space. These centers are opened on base of major educational and research institutes.

The separate independent line of Resultat-Audit Co, Ltd is a professional consulting over registration and certification of products of medical devices, cosmetic agent, disinfectants and biologically active substances to food in authorized bodies of Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russian Federation. In this area our specialists have a long-term experience, they are the experts in medical devices certification by system GOST R, and meanwhile they are the active members of international association ISPE (Engineering Pharmaceutical Innovation) as well.


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