Audit (audit inspection) an independent inspection for the purpose of opinion expression of reliability.
Audit firm Resultat-Audit unites highly qualified specialists in the professional audit as financial so technological, as well as specialists with great experience in licensing, registration and certification on pharmaceutical market and market of medical devices and biologically active substances to food.
Financial audit is conducted by highly skilled specialists with 10 years length of auditors service. Our specialists operational experience makes it possible not only to appraise objectively the companies financial economic condition, correctness of accounting documentation maintenance and drawing up of accounts, but to elaborate recommendations over financial and management solution optimization aimed to enterprise cost efficiency enhancement.
Technological audit assesses potential of innovation solutions offered for performance in the enterprises oriented to modernization. Our specialists who work in technological audit have the relevant professional and scientific grounding, experience of participation in research and development works as well as their support by customers side and state acceptance body side.
Resultat-Audit LLC carries out consulting over registration and certification of medical devices, cosmetic and disinfectants, biologically active substances, as well as medical and pharmaceutical activities licensing. Delegation a number of functions to outsourcing companies is considered by majority of effectively developed companies as prerequisite one. That is fairly believed the tasks are quicker and in most cases less costs solved by firms specialized in the very minor tasks solution. Resultat-Audit LLC is the exact outsourcing company of medical equipment, pharmaceutical and medical service markets.
The juridical support in our company is conducted by highly skilled lawyers with great experience in drawing up of internal normative documents, legal appraisal of solutions and documents worked out, as well as arbitration practice performance.
Our professional activity is based on company internal standards to cover all the fields of our professional operation and to ensure the highest degree of reliability and effectiveness of our conclusions and recommendations.
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