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Technological audit

Technological audit is the operation of objective appraisal of innovation potential as commercialization object. Before starting a certain technology or project implementation, it is reasonable to evaluate their innovation attractiveness and possibility of implementation from standpoint of commercial appeal that is final profit earning and saving on means.

Technological audit shall be reasonably carried out by the independent experts since project or new technology developers unable to treat their child impartially, and as a rule, their commerce abilities are highly exaggerated. Detached experts auditing is preferable since, despite the expert does not know thoroughly technology or project offered (from technical innovation view the experts are supported by developers), he is able impartially to compare it with its analogues, find out possibility of different practical implementations, appraise its commercialization value and market perspectives. Conducting the independent auditing, the developers and experts conclude confidentiality agreement.

The main technological audit phases are as follows:

  • definition of Authorship of technology or projective solutions, as well as finding sources;
  • patent research with use of domestic and foreign data bases;
  • appraisal of technical feasibility of new technology or project solutions;
  • comparison of technological solutions in operation with the new offered ones;
  • determination of market advantage and evaluation of market perspectives after new technological solutions implementation;
  • appraisal of real practicability of offered technological solutions considered the real financial, organizational and social situation;
  • qualitative and quantitative appraisal of technological solutions parameters by customers request directly;
  • execution of reports and conclusions over technological audit.


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