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Technological audit is also the base of Technology Transfer more widespread recently. Technology transfer provides technology transmission from its direct developers to the other parties interested, with entire documentation, materials and copyright transfer. Such technology transfer procedure has quite complicated structure and consists of a whole number of complex steps ensured not only with actual documentation transfer but support of technology transmission and implementation in enterprise with involvement all parties interested: as developers so technology transferred consumers.

Technology transfer assumes participation in the process of several functionally different subjects: they are the source and technology recipient. Source is that one to transfer technology, and recipient is that one to receive it; meanwhile speeded up partner search in technology transfer is provided by building up of international technology transfer network and extensive data bases support which contain formalized technologies descriptions. Offer and request transfer into such data bases is performed by accredited in technology transfer network participated organizations with skills in technological audit implementation, drawing up and placement of formalized offers/requests in network.

Resultat-Audit Co. Ltd. is a participant of Russian Technology Transfer Network, RTTN founded in 2002 and consolidated more than 60 Russian innovation centres (out from 25 regions of Russian Federation and CIA countries), specialized in technology transfer. The Russian network RTTN has partnership with Innovation Relay-Centers (IRC) of European network, included Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (Stuttgart, Germany) and RECITAL (Pisa, Italy). The international segment RTTN contains Russian-French technological network, RFR. The national co-ordinator of RFR network from France side is French national agency ANVAR, and from Russia side is Fund for promotion to small enterprises in scientific and technical field. The British-Russian innovation network, BRIN acts as international segment of RTTN too. Direct access to international technology network ensures our company the possibility of wide international research of partners for our clients (in technology transfer).


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